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      Demon offers a wide range of protection for snowboarders and skiers. In this webshop, you will find a complete range for carefree winter sports. Show more




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      Protective gear for snowboard and ski
      Snowboarding can be dangerous, especially if you often opt for sick lines in the park or a red slope at high speed. You are therefore well advised to use high quality snowboard protection. In the Demon collection you will find impact shorts, back protectors, knee pads, spine guards, wrist guards  and protection vests that protect you against abrasions and bruises during a fall. Demon keeps you safe!

      We get a lot customers asking us about protective gear, so we've decided to give you guys the word on the most effective products out there.

      Snowboarding has progressed very rapidly over the past couple of years and the rails and jumps are only getting bigger. Consequently, the slams are also getting heavier. By wearing protective gear, you not only increase your confidence on your snowboard on rails and jumps, but you also save yourself from sitting out the entire winter.

      Wrist guards

      During a fall, the first natural movement is to brace yourself with your hands, especially for beginners. Even minor wrist injuries can take about six weeks to heal. So buying a good pair of wrist guards is never a bad idea when you’re new to snowboarding. As you become experienced, you’ll learn how to fall safely, making wrist guards not as necessary. Unless you've had a previous wrist injury.

      Wrist guards = a simple and effective way to strengthen your wrists..

      Knee pads, elbow pads, azz pads, and butt pads are all designed to keep you from seriously injuring or bruising yourself on the slopes. So for whatever area you prefer to be protected, get yourself some padded snowboard crash pants. They also make falls on your snowboard while learning new tricks a lot more comfortable. 

      Impact shorts can make the difference between a bruise and a broken tailbone. 

      Back protector
      Back injuries are prettty uncommon for snowboarders, but when they do occur, they can be severe and long lasting. Back protectors sometimes also come with shoulder padding and as full protection vests, however Demon protection hardly restricts your upper-body movement.

      No, not a military exoskeleton, a back protector.

      Knee Pads
      If you've already got an existing injury, knee pads are great. However, it also comes down to the function, fit, feel and freedom. Demon Knee pads functionally stop your knees getting bashed. To have the right fit so that they don't slide down your leg and need constant adjustment, you will need tight fitting knee pads which don't necessarily feel that awesome. They affect your freedom and range of movement in your knees just a little bit though.

      Snowboard knee pads = You can work out whether you "kneed" these or not

      Remember, there’s always a downside, even on safety gear. It is important to know that the more protective gear you wear the more it will restrict your movement and affect your riding. So take the time to find the Demon protective gear that fits best for you and your riding style.

      Demon uses a lot of D3O material in their protection. Nothing protects better than D3O® – which offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impact. D3O® materials are made using a combination of advanced polymer chemistry and cutting-edge design. The materials are soft and flexible, with no compromise on comfort, but react differently when force is applied. D3O® absorbs and dissipates energy during an impact, reducing the amount of force transmitted to your body compared to standard foams.

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